Co2 Pressure Beer Filter Kit 5/16″ Tubing, Keg to Keg or to Empty Container




Keg home brew beer filter kit. Transparent 10″ filter housing with air purge button, 3/4″ Bsp ports with 5/16 (8mm) OD tube John Guest quick release fittings. Flow control shut off tap and 2 mtrs of 5/16″ (8mm) John Guest tubing. 

Transfer beer from one keg at 10psi through the filter to an empty second keg to remove sediment & haze from your home brew without affecting the beer taste for a crystal clear brew. USA made quality pleated washable 10″ x 2.5′ filter cartridge, these filters can be washed out and reused many times before replacing.

The standard kit comes with a 1 micron nominal rated filter, you have the choice in the product options to change the filter to a 0.35 micron nominal rated or a 1 micron Absolute rated filter. Simply click on the product option box you require. Use the removal rates below as a approximate guide.

1 micron Nominal will still allow some yeast through for the beer to work. (up to 90% at 1 micron &  10% at 2.5 micron)  Base kit filter

0.35 micron Nominal will remove most yeast from the beer. (up to 90% at 0.4 micron & 10% at 1.2 micron)  Plus $5.00

1 micron Absolute will remove the most yeast. (up to 90% at 0.4 micron & will not allow anything bigger than 1 micron through absolute) Plus $17.00

Filtering & cleaning instructions are included.”

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