HC351s 3M Cuno Scale Protection CC351 Filter



HC351s 3M CUNO Quick Change Filter. HC351s Filters have Sediment Screen around a 1 Micron Carbon Block Filter. HC351s Filters will Reduce Scale, Dirt, Rust, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste, Odours, Cysts like Crytosporidium & Giardia.

Simply filter replacement by turning the filter a 1/4 turn to the left and pulling down. No need to turn the water supply off as the filter head has a built in shut off valve.

Replacement for VH3/HC351-s and CC351, CC-QAP9R water filters and systems.


Smaller substitute filter for AP9100, AP9112, and AP9000

Capacity of 13250 litres or 12 months

Max pressure 862 kPa

265mm x 85mm

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