Single Hi Flow Caravan & RV Water Filter KDF Silver Carbon




Hi Flow AP10POH 1025KDF/GAC  Caravan and RV water filter system can be used as a portable filter at home.

Ideal for caravans and motorhomes that are mainly connected to town water supplies or that have showers on board and require a high flow rate.

Quality heavy duty high pressure filter housings. 10″ Twin Filter System with 3/4″ Bsp female threaded in/outlet ports with Brass click on hose fittings that screw into the housings.

Can be used on mains pressure or water pumps. Plumb in or used as a portable filter you can use this system when you are traveling and when you are at home.

AP1025KDF/GAC 10 micron Hi flow KDF and Silver carbon filter for extra chlorine reduction and heavy metals and to reduce bacteria growth in the filter.

Will reduce high levels of Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste, Odours, Dirt, Rust, Algae & Sediment. For clean, safe and great tasting water where ever you are.

Recommended filter life of 9 months if used daily or 18 months if used off & on depending on water supply.

Dimensions are 320mmH x 130mmW Standard 10″ filter housing 3/4″ Bsp ports with click-on hose fittings.

System works standing or laid down if space is a problem.

Stainless Steel mounting brackets and opening spanners are available in the product options.

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