SPP DOE SPN Nominal Rated Pleated Filters




Water, Beer and Wine SPP HPP Nominal SPN rated pleated polypropylene filters.

Double Open End Filter with a sealing washer at each end of the filter.

Used to product high quality water, also used in wine & beer production.

The SPP HPP range of filters can be back washed in the filter housing with warm water if required.

The following micron ratings are available in the product options. If you require a different micron rating simply contact us

Dimensions  250mm overall x 70mm across.

SPN 0.45 Micron DOE (0.45 micron)

SPN0100011P1E, SPN1001B (1 micron) 

SPN0500011P1E, SPN1005B  (5 micron) 

SPN 10 Micron DOE (10 micron)

Min / Max temp 4 – 60 C

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