CC1 WaterWays Multi-Pure Screw Cap Sub Micron Carbon Filter


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CC1 WaterWays Filter Multi-Pure sub micron carbon block filter, screw in type. CC-WCC1, CC1-T9

These filters only suit filtration systems that have a screw thread in the head of the second filter stage.

If your filter is open at the end with a large flat rubber seal, then you need the WC04, see the WC04 filter below this product.

Will reduce sediment, dirt, taste and odour, chemicals, lead, Parasitic Cysts  and are bacteriostatic.

Sub micron rated solid carbon block filter. 

Older filters had green caps and the new filters now have blue caps but still the same filter.

Dimensions are 232mm x 74mm with a 12mm size threaded hole in the top.


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