Hybrid G7 Replacement UV Lamp and Filter Service Kit


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Suits the Puretec Hybrid G7 whole of house filtration systems.

1 x 1st Stage: 2045PW5 Pleated Washable 5 micron sediment filter reduces dirt and sediment.

1 x 2nd Stage: Pentek NCP-20BB 10 micron Pleated Silver Impregnated Carbon Water Filter reduces sediment, chlorine, taste and odour. The silver impregnated carbon pleats will give inhibit bacteria from growing on the filter.

1 x 11066 (RL6) 46 to 50 watt UV Lamp with 4 pins at one end. Dimensions 525mm (including pins) x 18.5mm

Options to add to the kit if required.

1 x 21017 (RQS6) Quartz sleeve

This filter set suits the Puretec Hybrid-G7, Hybrid-R2 systems … etc


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