Replacement CO2 Gas Cartridges for Billi™ Sparkling 996912 Twin Pack


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Billi CO2 Cartridges are out of stock until mid-June, our apologies for any inconvenience.

Replacement CO2 Gas Cartridges that suit all Billi™ Sparkling Systems

Please note: Because CO2 gas bottles are classified as dangerous goods, we may need to obtain a freight quote for larger orders. If you wish to get a quote before ordering, please call (0266468565) or email us. Thank you!

The perfect replacement for the Billi 996912 which is used in the Billi Sparkling Systems,

The kit includes 2 Sparkling Replacement Canisters each containing 2.2L of CO2 Food grade Carbon Dioxide, Non Flammable, Non toxic gas. Class 2.2. Supplied in a twin pack to save you money.

Canisters are pressurised and must be handled with care.

Each cannister is 321mm high x 105mm wide and weighs 3.20kgs and are non refillable.

This item must be sent by road transport only and can not be sent by air.

The pressure regulator sealing washer must be replaced on a regular basis to prevent Co2 loss. If you have a gas leak after installing a new Co2 cylinder then the sealing washer will need to be replaced. Instructions supplied when ordering sealing washer.

Billi™ 996911 Gas Cartridges – Features

  • Contains Food Grade C0₂
  • 100% Compatible with Billi Sparkling Systems, Puretec SPARQ-CO2, Zip HydroTap™, Zip Chilltap™ and several other units
  • Produces delicious sparkling water ideal for many types of beverages

Billi™ 996911 Gas Cartridges – Specifications

  • Product Type: Disposable gas cylinder containing CO2 (not refillable)
  • Contents: Food Grade CO₂
  • Dimensions: 321mm high x 105mm wide
  • Weight: 3.20kgs
  • Capacity: 2.2L of Carbon Dioxide (1.3kg)
  • Comes pre-filled for immediate use
  • Non-flammable & Non-toxic
  • Gas Composition Carbon Dioxide 99.9%
  • Uses an M10X1 thread which is compatible with most disposable C0₂ regulators

Billi™ 996911 Gas Cartridges – Compatibility

This CO2 cartridge can work with the following systems:

  • Zip™ 91295 Cylinders
  • Zip HydroTap™ or Zip Chilltap™
  • Billi™ 996911 / 996912 Cylinders
  • Bromic™ 1811526 Cylinders




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