Ultimate 4 Stage PFWF Bench Top Filter



Ultimate PFWF Bench Top Filter.

Simply attach the diverter valve to your kitchen tap spout by removing the aerator screen, this allows you to switch from filtered water to unfiltered for washing up by pulling the diverter lever.

Filter comes with 1 metre of flexible tubing so the filter can be placed away from the working area on the sink. Other adapters are available to suit larger threads for out side taps which makes this filter ideal to use at home. This system can be fitted under the sink or mounted on the wall as well. If you need any other fittings just contact us.

 Stage 1 is a 1 micron Sediment filter Removes dirt, rust, algae and has an excellent dirt holding capacity.

Stage 2 is the FL051 Fluoride removal filter that removes over 90% of fluoride for 1900 litres.

Stage 3 is a WC04 Multi-Pure 0.4 Micron carbon block filter Removes sediment, chemicals, chlorine, Giardia, Cryptospuridium, bad taste, odour and heavy metals.

Stage 4 is a Alka inline Filter. The Alkaliser Alkahydrate mineraliser in-line filter adds beneficial minerals, including, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium and trace minerals Produces oxygenate rich water. Turns acidic water into alkali calcium ion water, providing natural calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions . 

Water passes through layers of media to add minerals while Alkalizing the water to a higher pH.

pH readings up to 9.5 can be acheived with this filter. Produces oxygenate rich water. American made.

Recommended to be replace filters at 12 months.

Dimensions –

– 400mm Width

– 130mm Depth

– 380 mm Height  

Item might vary slightly to picture.

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