Scale Reduction Portable Triple Stage Water Filter System




AP10X3POH is a portable Triple stage water filter and Scale reduction system for hard water or water supplies high in Calcium. Reduces Calcium scale built up in hot water systems and appliances.

Ideal to connect in line before any equipment to protect from scale build up and costly servicing or as a portable filter for caravans.

A triple housing system is ideal for people who want to have different filter cartridge options as filters can be removed if they are not required and replaced when needed.

First stage 1025PS1 filter is a high flow 1 Micron Sediment Filter.

Second stage you have two filter options to choose from the GTS1-10 filter or the 1025KDF/GAC filter.

GTS1-10 filter Recommended for people that do not have another filter under the sink for drinking water. This is a 1 Micron Silver Impregnated Bacteriostatic Carbon Block Filter Silver stops Bacteria growing in filter. This is very important if using tank or bore water. This twin system reduces Giardia, Cryptosporidium Cysts, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste, Odours, Dirt, Rust, Algae & Sediment.


AP1025KDF/GAC filter Recommended for big water users and high flow rates where showers are used most of the time and people that already have a small drinking water filter under the sink. The AP1025KDF/GAC is a 10 micron combination filter of KDF55 media that reduces high levels of chlorine at fast flow rates and inhibits bacteria growth in the filter, it also reduces Heavy Metals. Combined with Silver GAC carbon for reduction of Chemicals, Bad Tastes and Odours, Dirt, Algae & Sediment.

Third stage 1025phos100% is a refillable 100% polyphosphate scale inhibitor cartridge. These cartridges are ideal for reducing scale from forming in hot water systems and kettles and water lines. Used in areas where the water is hard. polyphosphate is a food grade product that inhibits scaling and controls the corrosion or rusting of pipes and equipment. Scaling and corrosion are the result of lime and iron (insoluble form) reacting with metal in pipes or equipment, forming a solid like scale or rust. Polyphosphate solves this problem by holding these contaminants in suspension which stops them from reacting and forming in pipes and equipment. Polyphosphate is food grade product that is tasteless and odourless and slowly dissolves away over a period of time and can be refilled as required. The harder the water the quicker the phosphate will dissolve.

Triple 10″ heavy duty housings on a White Steel mounting bracket. 3/4 Bsp female threads on inlet and outlet ports. (3/4 bsp is 25mm across) Sump spanner included.

Dimensions are 440mm wide x 360mm high x 165 deep

2 x Brass 3/4″ Bsp male thread to clip-on standard hose fittings are supplied with this system.

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