Triple Whole of House System Town for Chlorine Chloramines and Scale



Ideal for point of entry where a high flow rate is required eg. house or commercial applications.

Triple2045BB Complete three 20″ x 4.5″ housings with 1″ Bsp ports with a Stainless Steel mounting bracket & screws and a plastic housing sump spanner.

System takes standard 20″ x 4.5″ filters.

The following filter options are available. Just contact us if you require a different combination of filters.

Please note: Can be used for tank or untreated water if the stage 2/3 filters are upgraded to Silver Carbon. Please let us know if you will be using the system for tank or untreated water and we will provide a quote.

Stage 1: (Sediment and Dirt)

2045PS5 Polyspun 5 micron (Disposable)
2045PW5N Pleated 5 micron (Washable)

The first stage of the system is a 5 micron sediment filter which will reduce sediment, rust, algae, sand, silt, fine metal particles etc.

Stage 2: (Taste / odours, Chemicals and Contaminates)

2045CB10 10 micron Carbon Block (Disposable)
2045GAC Granule Carbon (Refillable)

The second stage is a coconut carbon filter that will reduce Chemicals, Chlorine, Organic Compounds, Thrihalomthanes, Fallout from over spray, Bad Taste and Odours greatly improving your water quality.

Stage 3: (Chlorine and Chloramines)

2045CB5 5 micron Carbon Block (Disposable)


2045ORC Catalytic Carbon (Refillable)
2045ORC/Phos Catalytic Carbon and Phosphate (Refillable, with scale inhibitor)

2045ORC Catalytic coconut carbon refillable filter with sediment filter pads at each end. Catalytic carbon has received additional processing to further increase the number of pores on its surface. This improves its chemical adsorption capacity and ability to break apart (catalyse) complex chemicals. Catalytic carbon is particularly useful for removing chloramines from water, as they have a complex structure. The carbon in the third stage filter will need to be replaced at around 6 months but this can vary depending on water quality and usage.

If you are in a hard water area where scale build up is a problem then choose the scale inhibitor system that includes Poly phosphate. This comes with a 2045ORC/Phos 500g cartridge.

Polyphosphate helps reduce scale from bonding to elements and fixtures. 


  • Dimensions: 698mm high with bracket x 620mm wide.
  • Temperature range: 0.5°C – 37.8°C
  • Maximum pressure: Limit pressure to a maximum of 500kPa
  • Certifications: AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking Water Treatment Units Plumbing Requirements.
  • Watermark Certificate: 23124, IT002530

If you suspect that your water pressure may exceed 80 PSI at any time a 500 kPa (70 PSI) pressure limiting valve must be installed.
3/4″ BSP female 500 kPa pressure limiting valves are available in the options.

If your system has plastic ports do not use pipe dope or other liquid thread sealers. Use only Teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

If a shipping charge does not appear in your cart we will get back to you with a quote. This is due to the size of and weight of the system. 

Replacement filter and carbon kits available bellow.

Want to learn more about whole house water filtration?
Read our blog post:  The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filter Systems




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