Whole of House Sediment Water Filter Rural or Town 20″



20″ x 4.5″ Whole Of House Filter System For Sediment Removal  


Whole of House Water Filter System for Sediment. Suits rural or town supply. Large flow rate filter ideal for most situations where water quality needs to be improved. Ideal for town, rural, and commercial applications.

System includes 1 x 20″ x 4.5″ Big Blue housing with 1″ BSP threaded inlet & outlet port 1 x Housing with a S/S Bracket and plastic housing spanner.

Filters are available in several micron ratings, including 1, 5 & 20 microns.

For extra fine filtration use 1 micron and for large particle reduction only use 20 micron, most suspended sediment will be reduced from 20 micron down.

Simply choose the micron rating you need from the Filter Options in the drop down boxes below then click Add to Basket.

If you require a whole house filter system which also reduces chlorine and other chemicals, check out our whole house systems for town water and tank water.

Whole Of House Sediment Reduction Filter Options

There are 2 filter styles to choose from:

Option 1: 20″ x 4.5″ Poly Spun sediment filter – 2045BBPS (1, 5, 20 micron)  

A large Poly Spun sediment filter made from food grade polypropylene. This is a single use, disposable filter with excellent sediment absorption capacity. Available in 1, 5, or 20 Microns.

Option 2: 20″ x 4.5″ Pleated Washable sediment filter – 2045BBPW (1, 5, 20 micron)

A pleated washable filter which can be washed up to 4 times. Provides a longer lifespan than a Poly Spun filter, if well maintained. Available in 1, 5, or 20 Microns. 

If you need help or not sure which option is best for you just contact us for advise. Also if you need any extra fittings we can supply them as well.

If you are on Town mains pressure we recommend to use a pressure limiting valve. This will prevent overnight pressure build-up from damaging your filter housing or filter cartridge. Does not slow your flow rate. 

Whole Of House Sediment Reduction System – Features

  • High-quality UV Resistant Housing 
    The plastic housing is UV resistant, which gives it an extended lifespan compared to other units.
  • Stainless Steel Bracket
    Corrosion resistant stainless steel bracket, capable of handling harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • 1″ BSP Ports
    Uses 1″ British Standard Pipe (BSP) fittings, a universal size which makes finding fittings simple.
  • Numerous Filter Options
    This unit uses standard 20″ x 4.5″ filters. As a result, there are dozens of suitable sediment filters in a range of materials and micron ratings. Can also be used with carbon filters and mixed media filters, which gives you plenty of options in terms of the contaminants you target.
  • Ideal for variety of light commercial and residential applications
    Suitable for Whole of house filtration, Pumps, Tanks etc. or any where a high flow rate is required. Can be used on a home, in rural situations or light commercial applications.

Whole Of House Sediment Reduction System – Specifications

  • Flow rate: Up to 170 Litres Per Minute depending on filter used and water pressure & flow.
  • Dimensions: 610mm high without bracket x 185mm wide.
  • Max pressure: 620 kpa

Whole Of House Water Filter System FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Installing a Whole of House Sediment Reduction Filter?

There are many benefits including:

  • Cleaner Laundry
    Taking sediment out of your water can improve the performance of your washing machine and help you avoid staining from incoming sediment.
  • Protection For Appliances
    Removing sediment from your water can reduce corrosion, premature wear, and abrasion on your appliances. It can protect all water consuming appliances including your hot water service, coffee machine, washing machine, jug, dishwasher, steam oven. This can increase their reliability and service life.
  • More Enjoyable Showers
    Reducing the amount of algae, dirt, sand and silt in your water makes showers much better.
  • Better Tasting Food
    Some forms of sediment can add a distinctive bad taste/odour to your food. Removing them with a sediment filter removes that negative taste/odour.

What Is The Best Whole House Sediment Filter For Tank Water?

The answer to this question will vary based on:

  • The quality of your water (How much sediment is in it)
  • How much water you are using
  • How much water pressure you have available
  • How much maintenance you can do on the system
  • What other filtration units are installed

For individuals who have clean tank water, a 5 micron polyspun filter or a 5 micron pleated washable is usually ideal. It will perform well and last a reasonable amount of time.

If you intend to use a UV sterilizer after the sediment filter, then you MUST filter down to at least 5 microns. This is necessary to ensure that pathogens can’t hide behind sediment particles and avoid UV light exposure.

If you have a moderate amount of sediment in your tank, a 20 micron filter might be more suitable. It won’t clog up or impair as quickly from the larger amount of sediment in the tank.

For tanks with heavy sediment, multiple stages of sediment filtration is often beneficial. The initial filter may be 50 micron, then subsequent filters can be 20 or 5 micron. Bag filter housings with nylon bag filters can be useful on heavily sedimented water as the bags can be washed and re-used many times.

Some experimentation may be required to find the right micron rating for your water.

How Long Does A Whole House Sediment Filter Last?

The lifespan of your filter cartridge will vary based on the quality of your water, the filter’s micron rating and how much water you put through the system.

However, in general terms, a Polyspun filter will about 6 months.

A Pleated Washable can last a bit longer as it has more surface areas. If you just install a pleated washable and never washable, you can expect a lifespan of 6-9 months. However, if you wash sediment from the filter every 2-3 months you can extend the lifespan up to 18 months (depending on water quality).

If your water quality is quite poor, you may have a reduced lifespan from your filters.


Will I Need A Plumber To Install A Whole House Water Filter?

It really depends on how handy you are and how complex the installation is.

Whole house water filters are usually installed on the incoming water line from the mains. This is usually a copper or galvanised line. Cutting into that line does need a little expertise, but many homeowners tackle the job themselves.

If the water filter is going to be used on a tank, you might be working with poly pipe, which makes installation much easier. You’ll just need the correct poly fittings.

How Long Will A Plumber Take To Install A Whole House Water Filter?

The amount of time it takes to install a whole house water filter will vary based on:

  • The size of the system
  • The location of the mains and any impediments to accessing it
  • The skill of the plumber

In most cases, a plumber will take between 1 to 2 hours to install a system. However, if it is a complex installation it might be longer.

Want to learn more about Whole House Water Filtration? Check out our blog post: The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filtration


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